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Bug Busters offer a complete pest control service from careful assessment through to eradication and future prevention.



We only employ quality, appropriately qualified personnel, most with many years of valuable experience. Indeed, we offer our clients collective corporate experience of over 225 years - with our field staff averaging over 11 years per person.


We actively encourage discussion between staff over the pest problems they daily experience, so that our pooled knowledge is effectively applied - to the benefit of the all of the customers we serve.


Bug Busters offer a complete pest control service from assessment through to eradication and prevention.


We offer three levels of pest control service: Entry, Standard and Premium.


The Entry Pest Prevention Programme has been designed to meet the minimum needs of those who lack the resources to implement some of the more sophisticated pest control measures. It provides basic pest prevention measures, but call-outs and follow-up treatments are chargeable.


The Standard  Pest Prevention Service is suitable for the majority of customers who wish to maintain pest-free conditions.
The Standard Pest Prevention Service is designed to help you conform with current Food Safety and Health & Safety laws.In addition to regular inspections and treatments by our trained technicians, the service incorporates a comprehensive reporting service folder.

The Premium Pest Management Service is designed to meet the needs of approved Quality systems such as the ISO 9000 Series and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).


It provides very detailed reporting programmes noting dates and time of services, pest activity (or lack of it), what action is recommended to solve a problem, and what action is required. It provides advice on hygiene, housekeeping or proofing measures.


Through careful inspection and methodical monitoring of pest populations via the use of insect pheromone technology and non-toxic rodent monitoring systems the Premier Pest Prevention Service will lead to a significant reduction in both the amount and frequency of pesticide usage.


Our highly trained and very experienced Field Biologists provide in-depth site analyses, and technical advice.