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Which pest is causing you problems?

It is of fundamental importance to identify the specific pest causing problems. Once the pest has been correctly identified, then a knowledge of the biology will lead to the correct pest control strategy. The particular pest will behave in a unique way, eat particular food and reproduce in a certain way. These are all considerations which will lead to treatment options ideally tailored to the control of that specific pest.





In your home or garden, rodents - or any other wildlife – are not only serious risk to your health; they can also damage the fabric and structure of buildings and destroy crops, plants and flowers.


Many insects are beneficial, but some are fiercely competitive with humans. Insects are not only numerous, but also amongst the most adaptable of all animals. Their adaptability combined with their tremendous rate of reproduction gives insects an unqualified potential for survival.

Ever since the first winged insect lifted itself off the ground 300 millions years ago there has never been a more efficient distributor of disease.


Of the thousands of species of flies, only a few are common pests in and around the home.

There are a number of pests which will attack clothing and furnishings in the home. They fall into two basic categories: moths and beetles.


The brown rat carries fleas
Garden ants
hornets and wasps
moths are textile pests
Crawling Insects
Flying Insects
Textile Pests