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   Our switchboard is always fully staffed by experienced pest control experts - so you can ask advice from someone who knows precisely how to help you with your specific problem.

 We can help you with all types of pest control problems, from infestations of garden ants at home to the fumigation of tonnes of infested grain.

  We conduct both ‘one-off’ treatments & ongoing pest prevention programmes.


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Andy, Genny and our friendly team are here to help!


- As with every other industry, techniques

  in pest control do not stand still  -

We evaluate new products and techniques as they arise. In our test centre, and in the field, we assess the benefits of these new methods under the following criteria:


- COSHH & Health & Safety

- Efficacy & Practicality

- Environmental Impact


Staff training and Professional Development

At the start of employment with us, every new member of staff undergoes our in-house training course, designed to introduce them to our novel techniques, and ensure that they are fit to represent our company out in the field.


During the year we hold regular professional development appraisals and arrange both new product training and further technical pest control courses.


This means that when you meet a member of our Bug Busters team, you can be confident of a calm, technically proficient and professional approach to the issue that concerns you.      




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