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It is estimated that there are over a million different insects on the planet. Over 800,000 have already been discovered, described and named. New species are being discovered constantly, at a rate, which suggests that a million may be a considerable underestimate.

Many insects are beneficial, but some are fiercely competitive with humans. Insects are not only numerous, but also amongst the most adaptable of all animals. Their adaptability combined with their tremendous rate of reproduction gives insects an unqualified potential for survival.

Insects form the largest and most successful group of animals in the world.

Many of the insects now found in our Country carry disease, feed on human food, clothing or housing and cause stress to humans and animals with painful bites and stings.

Insects find their way into buildings via a number of ways, open doors and windows, drainage systems, pets or by being carried in, hidden amongst goods or supplies. All buildings provide shelter, warmth and food. This enables them to become rapidly established regardless of the type of premises.

Bug Busters specialise in pest control for the eradication and prevention of insect pests within the urban and rural environment. The pesticides we use against insects are constantly tested against specific insect types and environments, which at this time are ever changing.

Our methods and products in conjunction with detailed reports highlighting hygiene, proofing and storage recommendations ensure rapid control of any insect infestation. Upon pest control being gained our continuous service visits then ensure constant protection and peace of mind to all of our clients.